About Bam

bamPhotographer, Director, Video Editor, Musician - Bam also knits! Bam has an extensive list of credits ranging from album artwork/photos for The Dogs D'Amour, The Wildhearts, The Blessings and many more ...plus directing/editing videos for Geffen Records, Universal Records artists including Chris Cornell, Rufus Wainwright, Robin Thicke and Blink 182.

Bam lives in Los Angeles with Share, works on Macs exclusively, enjoys a raw vegan lifestyle and creates a new piece of art everyday.

Visit his film site: Bam 13 Films.
Visit his photography site: Bam Ross Photography.
Visit the video podcast Bam produces with Share: Rock n Roll TV.
Check out the raw food show: Raw Pirate Gourmet.
Write to Bam: Bam 13 email.