About The Designers

Punk Knits exists thanks to the undying love, encouragement and support of several talented people!

Contributing Designers:
catherynCatheryn Clarke (she is on the left)- Catheryn taught herself to knit and immediately started to create her own patterns. She knits and designs in a very unique punk/goth fashion and lives in Hollywood with her rock n roll partner in crime, Hornby, and her faithful cat, Lord Byron.

LisiLisi Grinstein (photo on the right) - Co-owner and Miss personality at the Stitch Cafe in Valley Village, CA. She designs with both knitting needles and crochet hooks and has taught countless people the fiber crafts. Her designs are all over her shop and she is a walking encyclopedia of knit style know-how.


Mary Delfin - Mary lives in Australia and loves punk music. Her mottos is that if she cannot knit it, she knits around it.

The Technical People:
Melanie Falick - Editor extraordinaire.
Sue McCain - Technical editor.
Wendy Preston - Technical editor.
Noel Claro - Graphic designer.
Annie Edwards - Finisher and hand holder.