About The Models

Everyone in this book is involved in the rock 'n' roll scene in Los Angeles in some way - from playing in a band to doing hair for rockers, to writing reviews, to taking band photos. They all contribute to the underground heartbeat of Hollywood and I hope you will check out their websites for more info about them. (In alphabetical order by first name)

annathenaAnnathena Grigelevich
Annathena is a professional DJ and self-described "music geek". With a long list of credits to back up her ragin' reputation, she's one of the busiest rock DJ's in Hollywood. When she isn't spinning she snjoys listening to 70's glitter records, chewing gum, writing and playing pinball.

apolloApollo Staar
Photographer, indie filmmaker, DJ, and all-around scenester, Apollo adds flair and style to everything he touches.


calicoCalico Cooper
Born on a tour bus, Calico has lived an exciting, passionate life. She says she lives for rock music, sunrises, and peanut butter. With eight world tours and four films under her belt, she wants to conquer all other genres of entertainment and show them who's boss!

Writer, artist, debutante, and bassist for Coyote Shivers' band, Casper's motto is, "Too beautiful to live, too tough to die".



cherCheryl Sale (aka Rock 'n' Roll Cheryl)
A native Californian, Cheryl is a hairstylist at Giuseppe Franco in Beverly Hills. Most of her clients are in the music industry and are also her friends.


coyoteCoyote Shivers
Coyote is a movie star, rock 'n' roll star, DJ and sex symbol.



Jeremy White
Jeremy is the lead vocalist, songwriter, and harmonica player for rootsy rock 'n' roll band, The Blessings.


Jo Almeida
Jo played guitar for The Dogs D'Amour and currently plays everything with strings on it for country singer, Chris Richards. He is also a fine artist.


johnJohnny 99
Johnny 99 is the bassist of punk-fueled power-pop rock act Silver Needle. He is also the founder of LA's emerging kiss-or-kill scene, a community of artists fusing punk, power pop, and rock n roll with high-energy stage antics.

Kastle is a nice grrrl from Texas who came to Hollywood with a mohawk and big dreams. Fueled by rock n roll, she reached her goal of becoming a reporter and editor for the Los Angeles Times. Read about her latest adventures in her column and in travel books, including Fodor's and Best Places.

kourtneyKourtney Klein
Kourtney started her career as a band nerd, playing orchestral percussion and jazz in school. She can now be found playing drumsets in several rockin' bands.


lesliLesli Matta
A former Miss Boston, Lesli is a singer-songwriter, drummer, guitarist, piano player, fashion designer and TV personality.



leslitaLeslita Neptuna
Leslita Neptuna (Leslie Anne Burnet) hails from Oklahoma and is the mother of Paul William. Besides playing guitar with The Neptunas, Leslita moonlights as the female vocalist in Order of the Wand which also features her husband, Dallas Don.



meganMegan McCarter
A guitarist and singer-songwriter, Megan enjoys scary movies, pizza, antiques and long walks on the beach with her dog, Beatrice.



pamitaPamita Neptuna
Pamita still manhandles the bass and shouts with the Neptunas but also plays with an all-girl country combo called Dime Box Band and the world's only all-female Cheap Trick tribute band, Cheap Chick.



royRoy Mayorga
A drummer and composer, Roy has played for Nausea, Thorn, Crisis, Soul Fly, Ozzy and Dave Navarro. He is currently doing film soundtracks and session work and is on tour with Stone Sour.



siennaSienna Degovia
Sienna is "lead cupcake" and bassist of the Randies.




texas terriTexas Terri
An underground legend in the punk rock n roll world, Texas Terri hails from Austin, Texas but currently moved from Hollywood to Berlin, Germany. More than just a wild and extremely entertaining front person, Texas Terri also writes the songs for her band.