About Punk Knits

Punk Knits is another crazy venture by my British husband, Bam and me. It all started when I discovered the joys of knitting in 2004. I was obsessed with yarn and what could be done with it and began hunting for books that spoke to me with deconstructed style garments and models that looked a bit less model and more well, you know...rock n roll punk and that sort of thing. Bam and I talked about it and agreed (after much urging from friends) that we would pursue our own book idea! He did the photography and layout ideas while I designed garments and wrote all my meandering thoughts about knitting and why it's punk!

The basic idea was to put forth a book that inspires, instigates and enlightens others to the 'punk' that is knitting. Whether or not you like punk music is irrelevant, it's all about the attitude! As a long time admirer of Vivienne Westwood, I hope you'll find Punk Knits a cool read and also check out the models because they are 'real' people who keep Hollywood pulsating with vibrant energy and creativity!

Like any other book, there were many talented people involved in putting it all together. I hope you'll read more about them:
Bam - photographer, graphic inspiration
And if you really want to know about me, you can read more stuff here!

We are both rock n rollers since birth. I am the singer/guitarist for Bubble and Bam is the drummer but like in all of our adventures, we write the songs together. He was also the drummer in the Dogs D'amour and Bammany of you know I was the bassplayer for Vixen. We produce bands, produce an online tv show called Rock n Roll TV, eat raw vegan style, paint stuff, build stuff (websites, furniture, graphics) and do anything we can to remind ourselves that life is beautiful and creating art of any sort is food for our souls.