The Concept

With Punk Knits I set out to create a knitting book that was fun, edgy and full of models who are part of my world in the rock/punk scene in Hollywood. The patterns to be for garments that you can't find in a department're not your everyday knitted items. Punk Knits shows you how to make holes instead of fix them!

ShareWho is this author, Share might ask? Read more about Share here. Like any creative project, this book was not a solo creation. Check ou the incredible people that put their talent to work. Meet the other designers, finishers, technical editors, graphic designer! Wanna know about the photographer? Read about Bam here!

You Can Still Find The Book!

Being a first-time author, I guess it's normal to be excited when seeing your book on Amazon. I'm happy to say they have it in stock again so you can get it in time for the holidays! (and it's a steal of a price!)

Somehow it all seems like a mad dream now. The book involved a lot of people's efforts from my helpful contributing designers, Catheryn Clarke, Mary Delfin, Lisi Grinstein along with my endlessly patient editor, Melanie Falick (Weekend Knitting, Handknit Holidays) to a slew of pattern editors and more. Now that is actually going to be coming out....well, it almost feels surreal.

The 'cover girl' is none other than punk legend (and my dear dear friend) Texas Terri who is on tour in Europe right now. In any case...I hope if you do like to pre-order your books, it's up there at a nice savings! Feel free to add it to your knitting book 'lists' on Amazon!

Read about all of the models in the book! They're all part of the Hollywood rock n roll scene and help keep the heartbeat of the music going strong!


yarn market newsYarn Market News - March 2007 gave Punk Knits a lovely review! Thank you YMN! knitty

Who doesn't love Knitty? In the Spring issue, they give Punk Knits a review! "This book has a unique and independent knitting voice."...See the review!

Knit.1 Magazine has a review of the needles in their December 2006 issue.! Love that mag!

Woohoo! Our Skull Needles were in the October 2006 edition of Yarn Market News. They were splashed across the 'Smart' pages section up at the top. Punk Knits is credited in the Editor's Letter at the beginning of the issue and we thank Yarn Market News for the cool plug!